“I was in my twenties, and I was hitting anything. ‘Let’s do everything we can. Don’t be afraid to break up. ‘ I prayed that when I was thirty, or in my thirties, I became comfortable without ups and downs. I knew it was a wind that couldn’t be achieved. Ha-ha! ”

“ I’malready thirty next year, ”Kim answered with a bright smile. “I don’t think anything has changed since my debut or now, but it seems so sad. I hope it’s a bit mature, ”he said.

Kim Go-eun’s new movie ‘Yu Yul’s Music Album’ is a retro emotion melody with Kim Go-eun’s debut film, Eun Kyo, director Jung Ji-woo, who reunited in seven years. It is the first love chronology that nurtures a tender love amidst a staggered repetition of men and women falling in love.

“The meeting with director Jung Ji-woo, a respected big mountain and most believing and reliant friend who made his debut, was the decisive reason for his appearance,” he said. . I wanted to add something to the director this time. ”

“The scenario was good too. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but there weren’t any big events or special stories, but the two people’s worries, inner emotions, and the process of solving them and growing them became a lot of empathy for me. “It was calm compared to other films, but I thought the empathy was very big.”

“When I think of my bishop seven years ago, I remember a lot that he treated me very carefully, like glass beads. Without positioning, ‘Goeun wants to move, move freely. We’ll follow you. ‘ It was the first time, so I thought all the sites were, but as time passed, I realized how special and amazing it was. His heart wanted to come someday return. ”

Is it so. Jung Ji-woo and Kim Go-eun have met each other once a year after Eun-kyo to share their stories. “Also, the director knew the actor’s heart well. In this film, he treated me much more freely, but sometimes he said something unexpected, such as ‘I feel compelled to always look alright’. At such times, I was surprised. ”

“I was worried because I wanted to do better, but I was worried about it. The director’s inclination itself required a lot of delicate processes because it opened a lot of points where the actor could think about himself, and gave a direction to the border. Fortunately, quickly he grabbed sense than you think, I was happy to shoot even while enjoying a breath of love with fellow actor. ”

“I don’t think that if you meet partners who have consideration for your partner, you won’t be able to breathe. (Jeong-in) seems to have been such an opponent. We knew each other and we had trust so we could go well together when we encountered difficult spots and moments while shooting. ”

Kim Go-eun has accumulated filmography step by step without going back and forth between movies and dramas. As he said, he did not fear breaking into his twenties and asked him again about his expectations for his thirties.

Kim said, “When I was in my 30s after trial and error, my goal was to become an actor who can give more faith. I think there will be some growth. ”

“I have been working tirelessly for so many stories and misunderstandings. Rather, at that time, I thought I was going to be upset, but after a few years, it burst at once. When I was going through such a difficult time, I met ‘Byunsan’ and seemed to have received a lot of help. I think it was so well. ”

“I had a hard time, but I’m still in the process, but I want to get along well. Dream? Now my goal is to be prolific. While I’m an actor, I want to do as much work as possible. Good work and good acting are important, but since I have an occupation as an actor, I want to continue to see and play good works. Whatever happens is enlightenment and learning. I want proceeds without that setback (laughs). ”

Kim Go-Eun, focused breathing jeonghaein movie music album yuyeol” which is 13 years from the KBS Cool FM broadcasts begin on October 1, 1994, to April 15, 2007 Against the backdrop of a radio program of the same name, it is an orthodox melodious song that reminds me of my precious memories, heartbreaking first love and memories of those days. The relationship that began as a miracle meets like a coincidence, and it is a story that had no choice but to love and break up.

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