‘Her private life’ is Kim Jae Wook and finally entered the house of Park Min-young. Kim Jae-wook’s stormy jealousy mode is noticeable, boosting interest.

The TVN drama ‘Her Private Life’ was ranked No. 1 in the drama Topicality Index (Good Data Corporation) for the second consecutive week, and it has renewed itself the highest score of Topic. Kim Jae-wook is in the first place, and Park Min-young is in the second place. Especially in the last broadcast, Ryan (Kim Jae-wook) revealed that he knew that Sung Duk Mi (Park Min-young) was “Sina-gil”, and raised questions about future development.

Kim Jae-wook, who is in the public steel, enters Park Min-young’s house and robs his gaze. Kim Jae-wook is making a squeaky look with a lot of fan products displayed by Park Min-young. Kim Jae-wook’s jealous instincts are felt in laughter and cold eyes.

Park Min-young will not focus on Kim Jae-wook’s jealous instincts but instead transforms into ‘Kim Jae-wook’s idol docent’. Park Min-young introduced the fan products displayed throughout the house and is the above-mentioned figure. It shows to Kim Jae-wook that he has never disclosed to anyone except family and virtuous mate. This kind of loving Park Min-young makes her mom smile.

“Her personal life” production team said, “Today (15th) broadcast will include the process of getting to know each other between Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook and a real love affair will be drawn. Through this, Park Min-young and Kim Jae- “I hope you will enjoy their romance.”

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