Group Winner Kim Jin-woo released his first solo album in five years.

Kim Jin-woo’s solo debut came after Yang Hyun-suk’s former producer, YG Entertainment, resigned, causing a resignation, so he felt the burden of hugging a negative image instead. Kim Jin-woo said, “Debuting as a solo in the changed YG is not particularly different. I just want to thank my fans for waiting. ”

“The members also cheered me a lot. “Show me a lot of new look.” Being alone is awkward and feels naked. ‘I’ll have to work hard’. ”

Kim Jin-woo’s first solo song, ‘Totto’, is a pop genre that emphasizes sweet melody and rhythmic bass with wit lyrics expressing delicate love feelings. The same group member Song Min-ho participated in writing, composing, and composing. Kim Jin-woo said, “I like G-Dragon’s songs, and I originally wanted G-Dragon’s ‘untitled’ song. Working with the composers, ‘Tottoto’ came out better with me, ”he said. But I felt confident about my solo debut, and it was time for me to come out alone, ”added the debut process.

“Solo albums have materialized since last winter. I was wondering whether it would be on WINNER’s album or released separately. ‘Totto Toto’ has a common way of speaking when dating. The lyrics are fun. As Song Min-ho featured, the songs became richer and better. The biggest goal is to show ‘Kim Jin-woo’ before the 20s. At WINNER, I’m in charge of visuals. I want to show you my true image. ”

goal is to be rediscovered by breaking the image of a pretty man. Kim Jin-woo said, “First of all, I am a man. Drinking gets tough. You can curse and get angry. I’m not a perfectionist, but I also tend to be obsessed until I get there. ” Kim Jin-woo did not deliberately obtain a driver’s license in order to prevent privacy, though he did not bind himself to manage his personal life. In addition, the areas that are missing these days are mentioning drones, and “I was interested in seeing Kim Gun Mo operate the drones at SBS ‘Ugly Woori’. ‘ I floated it, but it was good to see it from the drone’s point of view. ”

“I originally dreamed of an actor. I attended YG Entertainment audition at the school where I went to learn acting, and I passed at once. I’ve been crying to hear my voice. The recorded voice and the actual sound are different. I was shocked. Now I don’t regret being a singer at all. Being an actor would not have changed my life. Rather, meeting WINNER members is the biggest relationship in life. ”

WINNER. “I expect military service next year,” he said. WINNER wants to be a solo member, but there is no specific plan. I’m currently working on WINNER’s new song. ” Finally, I know that fans are working hard on charts. So I’m more sorry if I don’t go first. I want to meet and communicate as much as possible through this solo activity. ” Kim Jin-woo’s first solo song ‘Totto To’ was ranked first in 13 iTunes regions worldwide.

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