Kim Jung-tae is doing his liver surgery and concentrating on health recovery.

Kim Jong – tae was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma last October and got off the drama and received many worries and support from many. At the time, Kim Jung Tae was scheduled to appear as the main right-hander and grandfather of the emperor Yi-hyeok in the SBS “Dignity of the Empress”.

However, at the time of shooting, it was found that liver cancer was diagnosed because of abnormalities in health. Fortunately, liver cancer is an early stage, but I thought it was impossible to shoot, I got off the drama

After seven months, Kim Jung-tae reported that he was recovering his health after the surgery was completed safely. Kim Jung-tae, a member of the agency DUKIN AMC, recently told OSEN that “Kim Jong-tae is recovering well from the liver surgery well.” There was a slight misunderstanding that surgery was postponed, which is not true.

An agency official said, “As a result of confirmation from the doctor, the liver cancer site has been well removed and the liver function has been maintained well without recurrence so far.” He said, “I am digesting my daily life without difficulty.”

But his agency is cautiously saying, “As with all people, I have a bad health with someone who has been consistently healthy, but I can not be the same when I get healthy again.”

Kim Jong-tae made his debut in 1999 with the movie ‘Lee Jae-soo’s I’, and in addition to ‘Friends’ and’ Sunflowers’ as well as drama ‘Hit’, ‘Bad Man’, ‘O My Venus’.

“I am very focused on recovering my health and returning to acting, so I am fully focused on recovery so that I can take more rest, improve my condition and demonstrate my skills” “Casting inquiries and scripts for Kim Jung-tae were coming in.”

Finally, the agency said, “I will regain my health and look for good works again. I want to greet the public with my works in a healthy way.”

Many of the netizens are also sending a message of support to the good news of Kim Jung – tae. I hope Kim Jung-tae will regain his / her full health and return to the theater and screen

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