On this day, Lee Hoon said, “6, 7 years ago, Yoo Yun-hyuk PD gathered celebrities who had struggled at that time and created an entertainment program to recover. At that time, all the members recovered.

Lee Hoon said, “Jang Sung-gyu seems to be doing very well these days. My son asked me if it was Jang Sung-kyu.

Lee hun said, “big boy does not talk about dad. When you ask what dad do business,” he made a bitter around. Lee Hoon worries said, “I can not recover only.” 

Kim Soo-mi said, “Isn’t it because of your temper. The face itself was sharp in the old days. His peers greeted their seniors in a hurry.” 

On the other hand, Lee Hoon said, “I became a celebrity because of the money. I lived under the ring. My dream came out of the ring. “Said.

Lee Hoon said, “I wanted to quit the celebrity and do business that would benefit the people. I started the health for the health of the people. I walked everything.” 

Lee Hun said, “The business was so good at first. There were 3,000 members.” “Later the landlord was so good that he was greedy. The contract period was not over. Said.

Lee Hun said, “I won the lawsuit after all. I put the result of the lawsuit next to Daejabo. But the customers didn’t come to see it.”

Lee Hun said, “Decisive thing was eaten. As a franchise model, I hung my face and received 2,000 members and bounced with the money. Lee Hun said, “So far, I have paid two-thirds of the debt.” 

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