Kwak Do-won Kim Hee-won Kim Dae-myeong devoted to ‘knowing brother’ by shooting behind the scenes and team kill talk.

Actors Kwak Do-won, Dae-myeong Kim, and Hee-won Kim appeared in the JTBC ‘Knowing Brother’ broadcast on the 21st.

The three actors revealed the behind-the-scenes shooting with idols, acting confrontation with Lee Byung-hun, and the behind-the-scenes shooting of a bathroom scene without major construction.

Hee-won Kim said about the god who hit Exodio in the movie ‘Kart’. ‘I keep getting it right.’

Kwak Do-won said, “The real thing is Siwan. I have to beat Siwan in ‘Attorney’, but Siwan has no beat. The face is really small. I cried in the corner and swollen because Siwan was also right. “

He said, “‘What do you do with the concert tomorrow?’ He said, ‘You don’t have to worry about it. It’s okay. I have an idol privilege. You can wear it on stage.’

He also recalled the difficult actor days.

Hee-won Kim played the role of Wendy’s puppy in the drama ‘Peter Pan’. Just play ‘Walal’. When Tinker Bell sprinkles magic powder, there is a flying god, and the role of pulling the wire was actor Kim Sang-ho. The actor was a staff member and the staff was an actor. At that time, the main character ‘Peter Pan’ was Lee Sun-hee’s senior.

Kwak Do-won said, “My parents passed away, my family lost contact, and my income was 10 won. It was really hard in the days of actors. It was even harder to come to the IMF. I was put in building a huge building to work hard. I laid reinforcement for six months. But later on, I went to say hello to the building. On the stage, I said, ‘I used to rebar the building here. I made it strong. Have a safe and comfortable movie.’ The audience applauded. ” Hee-won Kim added, “Yoo-haeng Ryu Seung-yong also made a toilet. I went to a bidet company.” In response, Kim Hee-cheol said, “I’m different when I watch TV. I made a TV while I was in the factory when I was in high school.”

When Kang Ho-dong asked, “Are there any fights between the actors at the filming site?” Kwak Do-won said, “I’m acting with Lee Byung-hun, but I’m not the one I knew. The other person is sitting. “I learned a lot from Byung Hun,” he praised. Kwak Do-won is 48 years old this year and Lee Byung-hun is 50 years old this year.

Hee-won Kim said, “I learn from all the actors I’m playing with. I even reflect on actors. I thought that Sunyoung would have to imitate too hard in ‘Around Camellia Flower.’ It’s different. I’m a junior who can learn the attitude of acting. ”

When Kim Dae-myeong praised, “While Kwak Do-won and Kim Hee-won did whatever they did during this movie,” the members asked, “Who made more?” So Kwak Do-won and Kim Hee-won laughed as they greeted each other.

Nickname disclosure time. Kwak Do-won said, “I was bullied until the 3rd to 4th grade in elementary school. I had a kid who was in the second grade of middle school, and he was a very good boy. As the members’ screams continued, “I have to be interested in having a nickname. I’m a bullied child with no presence. Why did I live without a nickname? I didn’t have any idea to write a nickname.”

He also revealed the behind-the-scenes scene. Hee-won Kim said, “In this movie, there is a bath god. I am doing a god behind the scenes, so I did not work on the main part because it would be processed as a CG. “In the end, I shot it by replacing it with a shoe that picks up panties.” To this, Kwak Do-won added, “I do everything to eat and live.” Lee Su-geun laughed, “That’s what Min Kyung-hun says, but he does team kills.

Kwak Do-won told the story that the zoo elephant escaped during the play and was late for practice. He said, “At that time, it was a real big deal for me to be late. If one person is late, the whole thing can’t be practiced.” After the practice that day, I went to the dinner party, and it was reported in the news of the elephant escape on the TV at 9:00. Kwak Do-won said, “I was so unfortunate that my tears broke down. My brothers bought me a six-month salary. At the time, I continued to chop the meat and scoop it up with one chopstick. Said.

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