In the MBC weekend special program ‘ Golden Garden ‘ ( script Park Hyun-ju / director Lee Dae-young ) , which aired on August 3 , Eun Dong- ju ( Han Ji-hye ) was worried about the children when Lee Sung- uk ( Moon Ji- yoon ) disappeared .

When I see the silver coins that take the children ‘s bags, the tea passenger ( Lee Sang – woo ) says, “My bag is packed ! I warned you ! Again malragu not interfere with the investigation yeoseo that ohjirap flapping ! ” Said the beoreok Tuesday found . ” I’m not interfering with investigation . I’m just trying to stone the kids … ” he eundong price of victory, answer is ” nyago take care of my sister as what the kids qualify ! ” Said raised your voice .

Kang Nam-du ( Kim Young-ok ), who saw the image, said, ” Are you raving by our golden nigga ! Then the kid SiO rather than not turned silently and Divi ! ” Said the namuratda eundong week . The appearance of such gangnamdu five Americas ( Si-a Jeong ) is ” Grandma ! What do you mean by that ? We Dongju reminiscing the Divi did what wrong ?! ” he said in a huff .

Zija noisy car victory is ” quietly wont !” Having had it all shut up . Victory is to Dongju ” just because you want to do over and do not have a sister after this time looming around the kids !” He said tteomil was like .

But Dong Dong-ju does not recede that children are likely to go to nursery school . Pilseung and Dong-ju are likely to continue their relationship because of their bags .

MBC Weekend Special ” golden garden ” has roots Stolen Women eundong week of life ( Han Ji-hye ) is a breathtaking drama life game characters chasing and hiding the truth will unfold to reclaim their lives sleeping .

Lee Dae-young and Park Hyun-joo, the director of MBC drama ‘The Queen’s Flower ‘ who showed more than 20% of viewership, are gathering expectations after four years . MBC weekend special plan ‘ Golden Garden ‘ is broadcast every Saturday at 9:00 pm .

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