The production presentation of SBS’s new Wolhwa arts ‘Little Forest’ was held at SBS office in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul on the 12th. Lee Seung-ki and Lee Seo-jin Park Narae Jung So-min and director Kim Jung-wook PD attended and introduced the program.

Lee Seung-ki said, “I was listening to such things as an education center or an environment for a child, but the most important thing was physical strength.” “It’s important to tell me the direction that I’m doing something and the good things I’ve experienced, but there’s a lot of thinking about the children alone, and there’s a lot of fresh and quirky thoughts,” he said. I tried. ”

In addition, Lee Seung Gi has obtained a child psychology counselor’s license for this program. He joked, “I wanted to pick only me, but Jung Somin’s wind was fading.” “I’m worried that my parents are worried. I wouldn’t have been worried about leaving the child to a celebrity.”

Park said, “I didn’t have a chance to take care of the children, but I usually don’t have my plans and expectable ranges.”

“I didn’t even know how to talk to my child. When I was meeting, I tried to treat my child as a small human being, and I seemed to treat my child.

On the other hand, the first 16 trilogy ‘Wolhwa’ entertainment ‘Little Forest’ organized by SBS is a pollution-free entertainment that actor Lee Seo-jin Lee Nae Park Park Narae Jung So-min opens an eco-friendly care house where children can play in nature full of green grass and fresh air. The first broadcast starts at 10 pm on the 12th and is broadcast at 10 pm every Monday and Tuesday.

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