At the 309th MBC entertainment program “ I Live Alone ” on Friday (30), Ishieon, cast in a historical drama, was shown to take a horseback riding lesson.

On this day, Yissian struck a horse with Hydro, all day. Afterwards, I started riding horses dreaming of Jung Woo-sung of the movie ‘Nom Nom Nom’. Look at him. ”

He also directly bathed Hydro, a sweaty one. When Yiseon sprayed cool water, Hydro seemed to be happy. Gian 84, who saw this, said, “I will have a long ride.” After taking a bath, Yiseon broke up with Hydro, pledging that: He then went on a cheap, used car ‘water seal’ to eat grilled shellfish.

Viewers were able to find out about Icy’s awesomeness, “Isian’s so funny”, “Also nerd”, “That’s really cool”, “Your cute seal”, “Your nerd coming next week” “Sion School ‘trailer is so fun.”

Meanwhile, MBC ‘I Live Alone’, which delivers laughter and emotion with a real single life, is broadcasted every Friday at 11:10 pm.

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