“Responsibility and its weight will be more noticeable. When I was greeting the stage, I was nervous. It is the honor of the family that the face of the movie is big. I am having a day of appreciation and tranquility as my dreams are fulfilled. ”

Actor Lee Sung-kyung has made his debut on the first screen through the film ‘Girl Cops’ (director Jung Da-won). Lee Sung-kyung is a passionate criminal wit hwahyeonseo cool action from the previous work was shown in a different transformation from the previous show. “I was nervous this time,” he said. “I was nervous this time,” he said. “Responsibility and the weight of it become more bodily. When I was greeting the stage, I was sick. It was the honor of the family to have a big face in the movie theater. I am having a day of thanksgiving and tense as my dreams come true. I am honored to see each and every one of you who filmed a few movies. ”

I chose ‘fun’ for the opportunity to appear in ‘Gagakaps’. “The humor code worked well with me. It was not easy to see the scenarios, but laughter broke out. I was so excited to see how happy Myran would dig this up. I was also attracted by the wisdom of investigating with enthusiasm. ”

As Lee Sung-kyoung mentioned, the combination of Lamirang and the film shone in the movie. Lee Sung-kyung said, “I want to fit well with you in the field, but at first I was worried about not knowing you. I was nervous how I could partner with a good junior without crossing the line. But the seniors approached me with ease and relaxed and relaxed. I am very delicate. ”

The action was brilliant as well as the role of a hot blooded detective. Lee Sung-kyeong has been a constant challenge from kicking to running. “The action was done by Miran,” said the modest figure. I can not start kicking, but I also ran the wire for the first time. It was different from what we did on the film. The action was really hard. I thought it was not anyone doing anything because I could get hurt if I did a little wrong, and I had to postpone my feelings. ” “I had a lot of hard work, but I was happy. The role of Miran is funny, so I could not take a laugh and added a bread crest. ”

In addition, ‘Gulkapseu’ Hae Jung Woo and Seongdong Il appeared as a cameo and gave a big smile. Lee Sung – kyung said, “I was grateful to have a supportive shot of a senior, who is happy to do even one god. I remember being in the field as a fan. I was honored and thankful, “he said about short breath with Ha Jung Woo. Seong Dong-il is about “Seung Dong-il” in ” Wrestler ” was a cameo appearance. No matter how friendly you are, it is not easy. The same senior has a lot to learn and is warm. It’s too good, “he said affectionately.

Most of all, ‘Gakapaks’ has become a hot topic more realistic than the reality because of the digital sex offense and the controversy in the club, which recently became a problem of society. Lee Sung-kyung said, “At that time, there were articles, but I really wanted to have a warning about the crime. I was angry about my family. “Is this the end of the murderer? I think the victims’ mind would have been bad. ” I felt frustration and acted sincerely. I hope that it will be a chance to recognize these problems when you relax and laugh comfortably by releasing only the heavy place pleasantly. ” Regarding the controversy surrounding film feminism, some commented, “When I come back to watch movies in comfort, I want to be aware of this issue. I did not expect it, but I hope my work will remain as a work that has a good effect. ”

“I felt a lot of scarcity,” said Lee Sung-kyung, “In this scene, seniors and bishops relaxed quickly. Looking at it, I thought that I should be a person who poured the thanks that I received later. I’m so blessed. I thought that I should be such a person because I was given to let this situation flow away rather than just me, “she said.

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