8 Mon 3 The broadcast MBC Weekend Special ” golden garden ” ( a play Park Hyeon Joo / director yidaeyoung ) in choejungi ( Lee Tae-sung ) was engulfed in fear knew revealed their sins, the police came to find .

Jin Nam-hee ( Cha-hyeon-yeon ) wondered about the fact that police came to the company . Choi Jun-gi was speculation that Lee Seong- wook ( Moon Ji-yoon ) , whose missing person disappeared during the founding party, was a mobile phone company .

It was because he believed Sabina ( Oji Eun ) that Lee Sung-wook, who had been hit by a car, died . Choi Joon-ki, whose fear reached its peak, said, “A lie ! It’s a lie ! ” He said produced even shortness of breath .

Choi regretted that he would surrender late, but could not reverse the situation . Choi finally decided to marry Savina in spite of the opposition of Jin Nam-hee .

Choe Joon-ki , whose life is mortgaged by Sabina , will he notice the strategy of Sabina’s mother and daughter .

MBC Weekend Special ” golden garden ” has roots Stolen Women eundong week of life ( Han Ji-hye ) is a breathtaking drama life game characters chasing and hiding the truth will unfold to reclaim their lives sleeping .

Lee Dae-young and Park Hyun-joo, the director of MBC drama ‘The Queen’s Flower ‘ who showed more than 20% of viewership, are gathering expectations after four years . MBC weekend special plan ‘ Golden Garden ‘ is broadcast every Saturday at 9:00 pm .

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