Actor Lee Young-ae holds hands with Song II-gon.

According to a number of moviegoers, Lee Young Ae is in the process of examining Song Il-gon’s next film appearance.

Through this work, Lee Young Ae attempts to make the most wide-spread image after his debut. Challenge the sniper character. This title, which has not been reviewed, deals with the story of a heroine who was a legendary heroine. She was once a sniper in a veil, but the heroine, who has been living a normal life since retiring, gets caught up in unexpected events.

An official said, “Recently, Lee Young-ae and Song II-gon had a meeting with each other to have a meeting with each other.” As both of them try to transform themselves, the interest of the people concerned is great. I think it is big, “he said.

Song II-gon has been awarded a fine performance by showing big works such as ‘Flower Island’, ‘Spider Forest’, ‘Kid’, ‘Only You Only’, and ‘Forest of Time’.

Lee Young-ae, who has mainly knocked on the door, has recently turned his attention to movies. The next set is also a movie. I joined with ‘You find me’ with Yoo Jae-myeong. She is a mother who does not give up hope of finding a missing son six years ago. It is a return to the screen after 13 years since ‘Kindergarten’.

It is the work of director Song Il-gon, who was appointed after “Find Me”. It is expected that Lee Young-ae who has challenged the transformation from acting mother to mother to sniper action.

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