MBC weekend drama “I love you when I’m sad” On the 11th (Saturday) MBC weekend episode 5 ~ 8 episode, Lee Young Jin has been kidnapped by secret organization Cheongbang and Kim Wonbong showed his base to rescue Lee Young Jin.

Lee Young-jin, who went to Shanghai, is kidnapped by a secret organization, Cheongbang. Kim Won-bong, who was chasing Lee Young-jin, said to the voice of a question, “Lee Young-jin is taking Chungbang. If a Japanese spy is found to help Japanese prosecutors, he will die.”

Lee Wolsung (Kim Jae Rae), a boss of Cheongbang, is trying to kill Kim Won-bong, who is suspicious of Lee Young-jin’s identity in Japan and who is around Yeong-jin. At that time, Fukuda (Im Jho-hwan) came and asked for two people saying, “Let’s send a Japanese citizen.”

Lee Young Jin decides to go along with Kim Won – bong knowing that his reason for hanging around is Yoo Tae – joon. As two people with different beliefs about independence move together to Manchuria, the attention of viewers is gathering.

On the other hand, “I-mong” (directed by Yoon Sang-ho / playwright Jo Kyu-won) is broadcasted every Saturday night at 9:05 on the background of Joseon during the Japanese colonial period, with an episode of action episode by Korean-born doctor Lee Young-jin and armed militia leader Kim Won- .

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