Na Yeong-hee’s “I will help to clear the frame” of Lee Tae-seon caused a creepy viewers.

On the 8th, KBS 2TV Weekend Drama ‘Love is Beautiful Life is Wonderful’ depicts Kang Si-wol (Lee Tae-sun) finally meeting Hong Yu-ra (Na Young-hee), who is trying to get rid of the hit-and-sony case.

Kang Si-wol (Lee Tae-sun) told Gu Joon-hui (Kim Jae-young) that his mother Hong Yu-ra (Na Young-hee) was the first witness to his hit. Kang Si-wol told Gu Jun-hui, “Make me meet your mother.”

At that time, Hong Yu-ra was confused by not only Kang Shi-wol but also notice that Gu Joon-hui and Kim Cheong-a met. Hong Yura asked Gu Jun-hui about Kim Cheong-ah. Gu Joon-hui said, “I can’t give up.” 

Gu Joon-hui asked Hong Yu-ra about Kang Shi-wol and wanted to know the truth. At this time, Hong Hwa-young (Park Hae-mi) came to the house, and the conversation between the mother and mother stopped. Hong Hwa-young asked Hong Yura, “Your sister is the first to report the accident? Hong Yura replied, “As a young child was sentenced to medium sentence, I gave my support to my heart.”

Meanwhile, Gu Joon-hui never forgot Kim Cheong-ah and waited in front of his house on a cold winter day. Kim Cheong-ah was hiding and appeared before him worried about Gu Jun-hui. Kim chewed tears, saying, “Just forget us. There is no future or present to be with us. The only thing left between us is the irreversible past.”

Gu Joon-hui said, “Then you forget. If that’s possible. I can’t forget you.” Gu Joon-hui took root and hugged Kim Cheong-ah while trying to leave.

Kim Cheong-ah was upset and continued to find the truth. Finally, the two succeeded in finding a lawyer for the past months. The lawyer said he couldn’t remember Kang Siwol’s case, and Kang Shiwol said, “Please save me and I beg you. Kang Shiwol was angry that he believed only a lawyer who would lower the sentence.

Finally, Hong Yu-ra came to meet Kang Si-wol. When Kang Si-wol asked, “Are you a sponsor or a witness?”, Hong Yura replied, “I’m trying to get my name off. I’ll help you. Then Hong Yura smiled, saying, “Let’s investigate together and find a true bum. I will help more than others. Let’s talk with me.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sul-ah (Cho Yun-hee) drew a line to Do Jin-woo (Oh, Min-seok). But Do Jin-woo did not give up. Do Jin-woo knew that Kim Bool-a’s boiler went out and bought a lot of electric blankets. Do Jin-woo confessed to Kim Seol-ah, saying, “You may be holding onto someone you don’t have as you say. But it’s love.” 

In the meantime, Moon Tae-rang (Yoon-bak Boon) gave a blind date with the announcer who expressed his crush, and Kim Seol-ah felt jealous. The two were feeling sorry for each other, but they wanted to stay away.

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