Members of the group Seventeen Esquix, Jung Han, Joshua, Mingyu, and Vernon have released the ‘Marie Claire’ pictorial.

Seventeen members Esquix, Jung-han, Joshua, Min-kyu and Vernon, who made their comeback with their regular album on September 16 after successfully completing their recent ‘HIT’ activity, are full of maturity through the September issue of fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’ We released pictorial cut and collected topics.

In the first photo shoot, the five members caught the eye at once with distinctive visuals and unparalleled finished visuals. Esquix, Jung-han and Joshua wore overfit’s loose suit, while Vernon and Min-kyu had a stylish casual look. It was completely digested to produce a unique aura.

Subsequently, Essex, Joshua, and Junghan showed their drowsy eyes and radiated a sexy and dreary masculine beauty. Raised.

In an interview after the photo shoot, Seventeen asked questions about music and said, “I want to convey what I really want to say in music.”

In particular, through this pictorial, Skepps, Jung Han, Joshua, Min Kyu, and Vernon once again overwhelmed everyone’s eyes with unrealistic visuals.

In addition, this pictorial is based on a black and white mood that adds a sense of sensation, and it is a modern and calm atmosphere that naturally melts five different charms.

The full text of Seventeen’s attractive pictorial and sincere thoughts that make you look forward to the next time with endless appeal can be found in the September issue of Marie Claire.

Meanwhile, Seventeen, which is scheduled to come back as a regular album on September 16, will hold SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR ‘ODE TO YOU’ IN SEOUL at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) for three days from August 30 to September 1

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