The main character of this video is NCT127. The NCT127, which won the silver medal in the last year’s special feature ‘Yookdae’, smiled confidently since entering the practice field.

Unlike Johnny-Doyoung, a skillful wearer, Mark smiled because he didn’t wear it right from the start. Soon Mark began archery practice. He aimed the arrow with his face as before, and Doyoung, who watched it, followed Mark’s expression.

Johnny surprised everyone by hitting 10 points from the start. He was arrogant (?) Saying, “Ah ~ I shoot 10 points from the beginning.” Doyoung told him, “Isn’t it cool if I just shoot well?” Johnny did not care, but continued to grunt and shot ten points.

When Mark screamed in the bulls-eye of 10 points, Johnny laughed, saying, “Don’t get excited. I’m just doing it.”

Do-young took a serious look at the practice. He regretted only hovering around 10 points with 9-8 points in his last New Year special. Attention is drawn to Doyoung, who is eager for 10 points, to be rewarded with the results of his practice at the ‘Army College’.

At the end of the video, Johnny turned to the camera and said, “My favorite color is yellow.”

Johnny-Marc-Doyoung, who is representing the NCT127, will pay attention to whether he will be able to hang the medal once again at the 2019 Chuseok Special Care Camp.

On the other hand, AB6IX, CIX, ITZY (not), JBJ95, NCT127, SF9, Golden Child, Lovelyz, Red Velvet, The Boys, Momoland, Aizu One, Oh My Girl, Astro, Space Girl, Wiki Miki, Girl of the Month, MBC ‘2019 Chuseok Special Caregiver’ starring Twice, Promis Nine and Pentagon will be broadcast for two days on the 12th and 13th of the Chuseok holiday.

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