MBC ‘E-moon’ Lee Yewon – Yi Tae Won is caught up with Kim Byeong-rae, the boss of Cheongbang, a secret lodge in China.

MBC special project ‘Ionmong’ (directed by Yun Sang-ho / written by Jo Kyu Won) is a spy action drama performed by Korean-born doctor Lee Young-jin, The drama TV was ranked first in the drama TV episode and the second in the total drama episode index (based on Good Data Corporation, survey period: May) 2 to 8 days) are leading the audience’s favorable opinion. Lee Myung-rae (Lee Wol-seong), Lee Yong-won (Lee Young-jin), and Yoo Tae-tae (Kim Won-bong)

In the past 1-4 episodes, Lee Young-jin, a Korean surgeon who grew up in a Japanese hand, caught the attention of the first meeting of the leader Kim Jung-bong, who was at the forefront of the armed struggle for independence. Especially, it was shocked to see the reversal that Lee Jung-jin, who was dispatched by the interim government Kim Ku (Yu-habok branch) In addition, there are two people who are headed for Shanghai, and there are growing questions about the future development.

Among them, Lee Yi-won, in the steel, is shocked to be surrounded by the men in black clothes. At the same time, the faces of Jae Tae, who became wounded, are revealed, raising curiosity about what happened. Especially, it is expected that the bloody blood which is flowing from his forehead seems to have been made. In addition, Kim Jae-rae’s sad look, which threatens Lee Yewon-Ji Tae Tae, forms a sense of panic. However, Jung Tae does not refuse even in front of Kim Jae Rae, but tries to raise his tense feeling.

This is the appearance of Lee Yi-won and Juk-tae who were kidnapped by Kim Byeong-rae, the boss of the secret detention center in China. With the enormous capital power, the reason why the two men are captured in the big organization that has strong influence in China is the question of the spectacular story that will happen in China beyond the domestic.

In response, Yoon Sang-ho, director of ‘I-mong’, said, “I expect that the charismatic action of Yoo-tae will be unfolded to save the dangerous Lee Yon-won.” .

MBC special project ‘I-mong’ directed by Yoon Sang-ho directed ‘Lee Iwon’, ‘Iris’ series,’ Lee Ji Won – Yoo Ji Tae – Im Ji Hwan – Nam Kyu Ri – Hur Sung Tae – The best-anticipated work of May 2019 that coincided. Today (11th), 5-8 times are broadcast continuously at 9:05 pm.

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