MBC special project ‘I-moon’ (director Sang-ho Yoon / screenplay Cho Kyu-won), which re-examines the lives and history of independent activists every once in a while, is only about to be broadcasted last time for 70 minutes from 9:05 pm . Among them, ‘I’m Mong’ side is Lee Yewon (Lee Young Jin) – Jung Tae Kim (Kim Won Bong) – Im Ji Hwan (Fukuda Station) – Nam Kyu Lee (Miki Station) – Lee Hae Young (Hiroshi Station) – Hur Sung Tae (Matsuura Station) (Majar Station), released the last behind-the-steel.

First, Lee Yowon and Juye Tae are laughing with each other, but the two people who seem to resemble each other rob their eyes. In particular, his brother and sister-like chemi are pouring out of Behind Steele, making them smile all around. In addition to this, Ei-won appears not to leave the script in hand even during recess. Ji-tae is also smiling in the snowy weather, causing a heart attack.

Lim Jho-hwan is in contact with the child at the end of the break and communicates with the child. In addition, Nam Kyu Ri is perfect for a variety of styles ranging from red dresses to white fur jackets. In addition, Hye-young is smiling with a gentle smile, and Hur Seong-tae captivates his gaze with a surprise V-pose. Most of all, the playful face of the playful soul makes the heart feel good with Baek Seung-hwan and the real brother.

So, I am thankful to the viewers who love ‘I’m Mong’ for the time being. I want you to love the last broadcast of the last independence movement of Lee Yowon and Juye Tae. ”

MBC special plan ‘I-mong’ is a spy action drama spread by a Korean doctor doctor Lee Young-jin, who grew up in the hands of Japanese people in the background of the Japanese colonial rule, and Kim Won-bong,

Today (13th), the last meeting will be broadcast for 70 minutes at 9:05 pm.

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