‘Welcome 2 Life’ is a romantic comedy investigation in which a malicious lawyer who pursued his own profits is sucked into a parallel world by accident and perverted by an upright prosecutor. It presents a new world view that a combination of attractive actors such as Jung Ji-sung (Lee Sang-yeon), Lim Ji-yeon (La Sion) It is expected to spread fun to the home theater. Prior to the first broadcast, viewers point out the watching point of ‘Welcome 2 Life’ which will make the first row of rooms.

Point 1. A world parallel to the real world is opened!

‘Welcome 2 Life’ raises interest in a new world view at the same time, where the same situation unfolds and the same moving real and parallel worlds coexist. Lee Jae-sang (Jeong Ji-hoon), who lived as a vicious lawyer in the real world, is sucked into another body of Lee, who lives in a parallel world at once. In this parallel world, he lives as a prosecutor, not as a malicious lawyer, but as a married couple with ex-lover Lazion (Im Ji-yeon) who is separated from the real world. Then why did Lee get into the parallel world where he is living the exact opposite life? It raises the question of what happened to him and what kind of situations and stories will unfold.

Point 2. Exciting mystery + Heart Chewy Investigation + Laugh Sniper Comic! Nuclear Honey Jam Drama!

‘Welcome 2 Life’ is a story that goes to mystery, rhetoric, and comics, and foretells the birth of the drama. Welcome 2Life, which started from a new worldview where the real world and other parallel worlds coexist, draws the process of becoming a gangster who is sucked into a parallel world and changed his life by 180 degrees. With the appearance of Jung Hoon, who is confused because he lives a conflicting life at a certain moment, the dramas and dramatic situations between Jung Hoon and Lim Ji Yeon will add to the laughter as the relationship between the two is changing from ghastly to married. Here is a series of events that provide a sense of calm tension, and the process of investigating the Special Bon (Special Investigation Headquarters) will be painstakingly illustrated in order to clarify the truth of the incident. Based on the new worldview, it is expected to deliver nuclear honey jams across mysteries, rhetoric and comics.

Point 3. Jung Ji-hoon’s two-color acting & drama Ji-Yeon Lim, Kwak Si-yang, Son Byeong-ho, and Park Won-sang.

‘Welcome 2Life’ hopes that actors’ performances such as Jung Ji-hoon and Lim Ji-yon going to the extreme world will be unfolded. Jung Ji-hoon, who plays the role of ‘Lee Jae-sang’ in the real world, is going to show justice and friendly charm by disintegrating dark charisma as a vicious lawyer who helps lawyers for his own benefit, and in the parallel world as a rigid prosecutor. Especially, Jung – hoon will face the situation changed 180 degrees in a moment, and it will attract attention by expressing Lee Jae – On the other hand, Lim Ji-yeon in the role of Lazion will fascinate viewers with two-color charms, which are divided into positive and lovely working moms before being detectives in the real world, and violent detectives in the real world. In addition, Kwak Siyang, who is Lazion’s senior and violent detective Gu Dong-taek, will explode with intense charisma while captivating her with great tenderness.

In addition, a group of believing actors such as Son Byeong-ho, Park Won-sang (playing Seok-jun Oh), Han Sang-jin (playing Kang Yun-ki), and Jang So-yeon (playing Bang Yeong-suk) are expected to rise. Sohn Byeong-ho – Han Sang-jin – Kim Kuk-ki (Park Ki-bum) is going to create a sense of tension by forming a power of evil that does not hesitate against all kinds of lawfulness and corruption for wealth, honor and power. On the other hand, while Park Won-sang, Park Yeon-hee (Park Min-hee), Lim Sung-jae (Yang Soon-jung) and Hong Jin-ki (Mun Ji Ho) Will give you a laugh. This raises expectations for the synergy generated by acting actors.

Point 4. Quick respiration x Short event x Breath reversal! The movie and story to make ‘Ending restaurant reservation’!

‘Welcome 2 Life’ will expand the hearts of viewers with the visual beauty and story that make eyes short. ‘Welcome 2 Life’ attracted attention by the story of a bad lawyer who was sucked into a parallel world at a moment, who lives his second life as a rigid prosecutor. On the first day of the show tomorrow (May 5), from the villainous appearance of Ji-ji lawyer Ji-hoon Ji to the question of the question that caused it to be sucked into the parallel world, it will attract attention with the rapid breathing resembling a roller coaster. In the meantime, events that are closely connected with the center point will fill the gap between the poles and increase the richness, while the reversal will be repeated to make the breath short and the strings will not be released. The powerful script of director Kim Geun-hong, who led many masterpieces, is added to the script of Yu Hee-kyung, who is full of fun. It is anticipated that Kim Keun-hong’s sophisticated directing ability, which delicately captures the emotions of each character and dramatically captures the storming story, will make reservations for ending restaurants.

In addition, Yoo Hee-kyung writes, “Welcome 2 Life is a romantic comedy and investigation in terms of genre. It’s a light and sweet comedy with cool spines that make it a great drama to enjoy in the hot summer months. In terms of the message, all the events are in harmony with the characters’ love and growth. I ask for your support for the characters who are changing and developing as the meeting continues. ” Expectations are amplified this year in ‘Welcome 2 Life’ which will provide fun, emotion and laughter.

Meanwhile, MBC’s new Monday drama ‘Welcome 2 Life’ will be aired for the first time at 8:55 pm tomorrow night.

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