On this day’s entertainers’ judgment group, Jovin and Wonhim, Dae Seh Wrapper Mad Clann, and the rising sounding Queen Quang Haa joined the pleasant group ‘Norazo’.

Among them, Mad Clanne’s performance was remarkable. As a member of the Survival Program Judge, the sharp judgment on the masked singers was outstanding.

Mad Clanne, who had watched a masked rapper who had been preparing for a rap for his personal life, made the rapper professional tiger judge froze with frozen criticism such as “there is no basic period” and “I can not say anything”.

Noraho’s Wonhap and Jovan also continued their unique reasoning. “This tone is the tone of the gag!” And “The actor is a solid tone!” And analyzed the tone of the voices of the masters by reasoning and guessing the right tone. Whether or not there will be a masked singer who is caught in the reasoning radar network of these all is increasing.

In addition, Jung Ha showed off his professional reasoning such as “Dixion is good” and “I am familiar with the stage”.

The new Faces judges will be able to confirm the sharp mystery of the upgraded masters on Sunday (December 12) at 5 pm MBC ‘Masked Wang’.

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