The new OST which collects the OST is released.

MBC and Netflix simultaneously broadcast on the same day ‘Spring Bum’ side Oscar Dunbar Oscar Dunbar ‘Spring Rain’ will be released on 6th at 6 pm on various music source sites.

‘Spring Rain’ is a song written and composed by music directors Nam Yoon-sun, Rachael Yamagata, and Kevin Salem, and starring actress and singer Oscar Dunbar in London. It will be solved through the official release of curiosity of viewers who have been added to the background music in the emotional scene of Lee Jung-in (the settled person) and Lee Jung-in (in the movie).

Recently, the ‘Spring Night’ has been receiving a favorable reception with the remarkable ratings. In addition, the first OST released by Rachael Yamagata, ‘No Direction’ It is expected to be flooded. In addition, since Netflix is ​​being broadcasted all over the world, participating artists are also attracted by talented overseas musicians.

‘Spring Broom’ is a drama that realistically captures the love of Jung In (Han Ji Min) and Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) who came across a drug store in springtime. Emotional production and high-quality masterpieces OST are combined to create a hot wind in the house theater.

Meanwhile, ‘Spring Rain’ OST Part 2 Oscar Dunbar’s ‘Spring Rain’ will be available at 6pm on the 5th.

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