MBC New Wolhwa drama ‘Welcome 2Life’ (directed by Kim Rhee Hong / written by Yu Hee Kyung / produced by Kim Jong Hak Productions) will be released for the first time on Monday, August 5th. The evil lawyer who sucked his own gain was sucked into the parallel world by accident, A romantic comedy ritual that unfolds in the open.

In the drama, Lim Ji-yeon is going to be a detective for Homicide Hongyeong point ‘La Zion’ and Kwak Si-Yang will launch a hot blood detective force that does not buy himself for decomposition investigation as a senior police officer and partner, In addition, Son Byeong-ho is expected to present a sense of tension with the viciousness of disintegration as a representative of platinum construction and regional conglomerate ‘Jangdo-sik’ that achieved wealth and power through all kinds of illegal and illegal activities.

Among them, Lim Ji-yeon-Kwak Si-hee and Son Byeong-ho’s cold confrontation situation are caught and focuses attention. Lim Ji-yeon is looking at him with his anger-raising eyes. I can feel the desire to catch Son Byeong-ho at once even in his stern eyes and face.

On the other hand, Son Byeong-ho does not care about the eyes of Lim Ji-yeon, but he responds with a mean smile and relaxed gesture as if he is dealing with a horrible puppy who does not know what he’s scared of. Especially, unlike the smiling faces, the vicious energy that comes out from the eyes of Son Byeong-ho, who does not feel laughing, makes the viewers nervous. Moreover, Kwak Si-soo, who has been guarding Lim Ji-yeon’s side, tends to feel a sense of tension with a firm look on what she wants to happen.

This is a picture of Lim Ji-yeon-Son Byeong-ho, a deep-rooted grievance that has been going on since the past. Lim Ji-yeon is planning to catch up with his eyes when he meets Son Byung-ho, who is hiding all kinds of bad behavior after a good smile. However, Son Byeong-ho is going to go out like a dojo in the death of Lim Ji-yeon-kaku-shi, and will give a sense of nervousness because of the viciousness that does not hesitate to do bad things. The reason why Lim Ji-yeon can not resent Son Byeong-ho is the question of whether Lim Ji-yeon can remove Son Byeong-ho’s mask.

On the other hand, MBC ‘s new monthly drama’ Welcome 2 Life ‘will be broadcasted at 8:55 pm on Monday, August 5.

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