Kiss Shin Bhahind, who is full of hanmin and settlers, is captivating his eyes.

The first kiss shooting scene that Han Ji Min (Lee Jung In) and Jung Hae In (Yoo Ji Ho) stimulated love cells in the MBC Tree Mini series ‘Spring Broom’ (directed by Ahn Pan Suk / dramatic Kim Eun /

In the first photo, there is a snapshot about one second before the Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In are given kisses. The two seemingly reaching puffs up the minds of the viewers and emits a mild airflow.

In addition, Han Ji Min and Seo Haein who watch the script before shooting do not lose their bright smile and are warmly welcoming the atmosphere of the scene. Even though they talked with each other in a friendly manner, when the camera turned on, they quickly exchanged glaring eyes, immersed in characters, and created beautiful scenes that would be memorable for a long time.

Even after the filming is over, the mood can not be lost, and you can get a glimpse of the atmosphere. I have a smile and a smile on my face.

In particular, the two people boasted Sim Kung Chemi in the Kiss Shin behind-the-scenes footage released just after the broadcast on Wednesday (19th). The two actors’ narcissistic tales, which share a story with an elaborate expression, convey the atmosphere of the scene where laughter does not stop.

Those who watched the behind-the-scenes photos responded that “Making was also honey, but the photos also saw Sweet,” “Why is it so exciting,” and “Best chemistry and delicate emotional performance.”

On the other hand, ‘Spring Broom’ was hit by the opposition of parents, while Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min) and Ji Ho Ho (Jung Hae In) deepened their hearts toward each other. After a sweet date, Lee Jung-in and Yu-Ho met with her father, Lee Tae-hak (Song Seung-hwan), who came to meet her.

The MBC tree mini series ‘Spring Night’, which attracts a lot of attention with its deep sensitivity melodies, is broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 pm every week.

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