The drama ‘Terius behind me’ was released on the scene.

On the morning of 4th, MBC’s drama “Behind me,” the production crew of “Terius” (drama Ojie Young, directed by Park Sang-hoon Park Sang-woo) revealed the so-called So Ji-seop and Jung In-sun’s shooting behind the scenes.

In the public photos, Goa Aryin (Jeong In-sun) is captivating the eyes of two people who are shooting episodes at your home.

So Ji-seop and Chung-Rang who showed the truthful fits of the truth, Jeong In-sun, who has a higher level of feminine beauty with his long straight hair, transformed the image.

What is most eye-catching is the two-actress’s unique fashion (?). So Ji-seop has her mother’s look (?), Which shows brilliant patterns and intense colors. I wear a basket of tangerine on my side and use a hat to hide the sunlight.

On the other hand, Jung In – sun appears as a schoolgirl in a uniform and shows a smile on his face. The perfect school uniform, which makes her mistaken as a real high school girl, catches her eye with her innocent and lively youthful image.

So Ji-seop and Jung In-seon do not lose their laughter in cold weather, but they play a vigorous role. They constantly express their opinions and express their passion for acting, raising the temperature of the scene.

Here, the two actors who increase the immersion of the character, and the breathing which is superior, receive the steady love of the viewers from the first broadcast, and expect the collaboration of the two to show the future.

‘Terius behind me’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm.

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