Actor Lee Jae-wook transforms himself into an attractive bad guy through MBC’s new tree mini-series ‘A Day Found.’

In September, MBC’s new tree mini-series ‘Badly Discovered One Day’ (played by Lee Ji-hye, Song Ha-young / Director Kim Sang-hyeop / Produced by MBC, Lae Mong Lain) released his first film. Cold and sharp atmosphere attracts attention.

‘A day discovered by chance’ is a real school romance drama where high school student Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon Bun) goes against a certain fate and achieves love.

Lee Jae-wook plays the role of Baek-kyung, a 10-year-old man and her fiancé, during the play. Baek-kyung (Lee Jae-wook) is a character that is endlessly beautiful, and will release the charm of a typical bad guy and shoot the home theater. He also foresee an unpredictable affection line in the cross between fate and destiny.

In the picture, Lee Jae-wook captured a cool atmosphere with a cold expression. Lee Jae-wook in the photo shows the fragrance of the bad guy with his sharp eyes and perfectly melts into Baekkyung Station.

However, in the cold, cold eyes, the secret of not knowing is hiding. Baekkyung, who shows her ruthless attitude to Eun-Dae, who loves her, actually hides her painful past. At this point, it is important to see what kind of storms the Baekkyung will face as it faces the change of attitude.

Lee Jae-wook, who will shoot the home theater as a bad male character with such a deadly magical character, can be seen in MBC’s new tree mini-series ‘The Day Found Something’, which is being broadcast for the first time in September.

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