MBC ‘Welcome 2Life’ Lim Ji-yeon’s first shooting steel will be released and attention will be focused. Lim Ji-yeon, who is transforming into a tough girl-in-law, “La Zion”, who exploits Jung Ji-hoon and explodes her crush,

MBC ‘Guilty Guys Season 2’ followed by the new July 2 drama ‘Welcome 2Life’ (directed by Kim Kyung-hong / Yoo Hee-kyung / written by Kim Jong Hak Productions) It is a romantic comedy ritual that is sucked in and unfolds with a straight check.

Lim Ji – yun breaks into the detective ‘Lacion’, a homicide detective. In the real world, Racheon is the old girl of Lee Jae Sang (Jung Sung Hoon), a homophobic girl whose behavior precedes horses. In the parallel world, before she is a criminal, she is the wife of Lee Jae Sang and the mother of a child. We are going to capture it.

Among them, ‘Welcome 2Life’ side unveils the first film shot of Lim Ji-yeon and focuses attention. In the public steel, it attracts attention because it contains a figure of Lim Ji-yeon exploding a wild charm from a boyish short cut to a scarred face. In particular, Lim Ji-yeon is standing with his gun pointed at someone. As his laser goes out, she has a sharp eye and a sense of fear.

Lim Ji-yeon is interested in rushing to the side of the rush to push someone down. He feels the dynamic situation will be unfolded by his angry facial expression holding the rear car handle. Moreover, the tangy eye that penetrates all of Lim Ji-yeon’s interrogation spreads tension. Therefore, the expectation of the act of Lim Ji –

This is Lim Ji-yeon’s life as a homosexual in the real world. Still, he tries to get a glimpse of his tough personality, where action is ahead of words. There is interest in the act of Lim Ji-yeon, who will carry on the genealogical genealogy, and expectations are rising in the parallel world.

The crew of Welcome 2Life said, “From the first film, Lim Ji-yun has been impressed by her performance as a female actress. “I will show my lovely wife and mother in a parallel world. I would like to expect a lot of two-color charm to show Lim Ji-yeon, “he said.

On the other hand, MBC ‘s new monthly drama’ Welcome 2 Life ‘is scheduled to be broadcasted at 8:55 pm on Monday, July 29, following’ Guilt Man and Woman Season 2 ‘.

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