It is a cheerful, refreshing and refreshing cider challenge where guests gathered in the old Paradise Innstay in the middle of Seoul, who said ‘No two times’, scream ‘No two times’ in life and dream of recovering from failures and injuries. In the era when family is no longer all-around, we will release the warmth of human life through the stories of Mrs.

In particular, Lee Seong-sook, an artist who has captivated viewers with more than 30% ratings for each drama, including ‘Witch of Legends’, ‘Laurel Tree Tailor Gentlemen’ and ‘Hundred Years of Legacy’ The new work is expected to capture a warm and pleasant view of the artist’s unique family.

In addition, PD Won-seok Choi, who directed ‘tell me the wishes’ and ‘Oja-ryong is coming’, took the lead in 4 years. Choi PD, who has been directing human psychology with refined sensations through various works and depicting bright and warm human beings, said in this drama, “The era of disintegration of family will be an opportunity to reflect on the true family.” Expressed expectations.

Expectations are growing with the joining of luxury crews. MBC is planning to broadcast in November following the ‘Golden Garden’.

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