Full-fledged conflict was sparked by three consecutive crash endings, led by ‘Elegant Family’ Lim Soo-hyang, Lee Jang-woo and Bae Jong-ok. The audience rating also turned on the green light. He cut off a good start with an audience rating about five times higher than his previous work.

MBN, Dramamax’s new tree drama ‘Elegant Family’, which aired on the 21st, recorded an audience rating of 2.7%. Compared to the previous level-up final episode (0.534%), the score is too high. Wednesday was a exciting start to reveal its presence among the late night entertainments.

Lim Soo-hyang (Mo Seok-hee) and Lee Jang-woo (Ho Yoon-do), the combi who met and snarled from the first meeting, gave fun and urgency at the same time as Korea’s top conglomerate smashed into the irony of Bae Jong-ok (Korean Empire), head of MC Group’s Ownership Risk Team. .

Im Soo-hyang returns to Korea in 15 years with a secret, Lee Jang-woo, a suburb attorney who has been sucked into a conglomerate, and Bae Jong-ok, who leads the world of the cruel owner-owned risk management team TOP, collide with each other in the world. A breathtaking scene unfolded.

Lim Su-hyang, who was the honorary chairman of MC Group and his grandfather, Nong Hwan-hwan, received a letter of suspicion that he was seriously injured the MC family and TOP. However, he was caught by a scammer and went to my police station, and he ran a bloody meeting with Lee Jang-woo, who had been acting as a scammer, and Bae Jong-ok who came to the ghost to handle the case.

Lee Jang-woo, while Bae Jong-ok and his bodyguards tried to force him to drive him out of the police station, reflexively ran to protect him, giving him the opportunity to see his grandfather’s face in 15 years. Im Soo-hyang was impressed by Lee Jang-woo’s drowsiness and security concerns that he stayed up late at night because he was a real estate owner, and he felt strangely favored by the conscience that TOP did not accept the large sum of money. Lee Jang-woo pointed out as a person to dig to find out the helper who secretly communicated to him.

Lee Jang-woo, who was embarrassed by his sudden suggestion of Im Soo-hyang, recalled his father Park Sang-myeon (Huh Jang-soo), who is eating and drinking every day. At that time, Bae Jong-ok witnessed the brutal TOP’s way of pretending to be dragged out of the building to deal with the suicide prosecution of a man who lost his daughter at the MC Group factory.

Im Su-hyang, who was watching at that moment, suddenly took out the bread of a passing person, chewed it, and drove toward the parking garage of Kim Jong-pal, who was driving a car parked at random. The evil sentence Lim Soo-hyang received an empty car, and he was ended by the eyes of Lee Jang-woo, who was embarrassed, and the sparkling Lim Soo-hyang.

The tone of vivid movements and urgency of vivid figures completed the color of ‘elegant’. Im Soo-hyang’s beautiful and hot-spot charm, Lee Jang-woo’s positive and comedy performances, and Bae Jong-ok’s elegant charisma caught the eye.

The two graceful episodes will be broadcast today at 11 pm.

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