In the 3rd episode of the tvN tree drama ‘memorist’ (played by Andaha Hwang Hana / director Kim Hui, Hyun-oh Oh, Seung-yeol Oh), broadcasted on March 18, camellia (Yoo Seung-ho) and Han Seon-mi (Lee Se-young) are the red pig flags that lead to the serial killer. You have succeeded in entering a home.

On this day’s broadcast, Han Seon-mi, like a camellia, went inside alone, inferring that there was a serial killer where the red pig flag was. At that moment, the camellia was suddenly arrested by prosecutor Woo Seok-do.

The camellia seized the detectives in the captured van, and at that moment a car accident occurred. In response, the camellia went back to the place where the red pig flag was located, and in collaboration with Han Seon-mi, he succeeded in catching a serial killer. However, the victim Yoon Ye-rim (Kim Ji-in) was already dead.

The camellia was again arrested by Woo Seok-do, and Han Seon-mi briefed under the instructions of Lee Shin-woong (Jo Sung-ha) and Byun Young-soo (Sun Gwang-up). After answering the reporter’s questions well, I was puzzled by the reporter’s question as to whether the investigation was unsuccessful, and eventually I was informed to disband the investigation team within 72 hours.

Han Seon-mi speculated that Jin-beom would be there, and ordered the team members to investigate for 72 hours, saying that finding the real criminal was the first priority. As a result, Han Seon-mi searched around the house with 10,000 pyeong of serial killer and DAN found another cigarette butt. The main character of DAN was a derelict house in the mountains near the 10,000-pyeong house.

The police who arrested Kwak Hee-ju intercepted him, but found no other anomalies and eventually released them. .

Meanwhile, when it became known that the North Korean prosecutor arrested a camellia to cover the castle scandal, the camellia came out innocent and visited another victim in the hospital, Kim Seo-kyung (Choi Seo-ryeong).

Seokyeong Kim told the camellia to go out, but eventually came to the top of the camellia and allowed her to read her memories. After reading Kim Seo-kyung’s memories, the camellia went to the interrogation site with Han Seon-mi, and heard Kwak Hee-joo’s voice and pointed out that it was different from Kim Seo-kyung’s memory.

At the end of the broadcast, Han Seon-mi inferred that there was a true cult in the heresy of religion, and headed there to create tension in the next episode. 

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