5 Mon 10 be a broadcast MBC entertainment program ‘ rewrites the chart now shows 1 above ?’ In 1990 years 11 Mon. one of the above song Min Hae-kyung , looking like the face , the contest of singers was stretched to challenge .

Min Hae-kyung, first , Myeong-calling ‘ ppomnaetda the vocals while the mashup . In 2019 , the new version of ‘ Citizen ‘s Face to Face ‘ showed the same performance as in 1990 .

The rapper Canto was surprised and featured, and he was even more impressed . Minh Hae-kyung captivated the crowd with his colorful stage manners and singing talents, which were no different from those in the early days .

Eventually Min Hae-kyung is 2019 years first as a successful defensive top 30 again in ten thousand years one enjoyed the joy of receiving the trophy above . ‘ What is the first place on the rewriting chart show ?’ The MBC music in the chart application grabbing the hearts of the masses who stood at the top , one above the singers ‘ and go to its glory one gets over the ” challenges artists ‘ are again one challenge on the newly sseobonda music entertainment began in balchikhan ideas charts Program . Every Friday night 8 City 30 will be broadcast in the minutes .

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