The members of the Monster X, who continue the world tour “We Are Here” in 20 cities around the world, have met with Tom Ford perfume.

In the picture, both the title and the title of ‘Between Boy and Man’, both the boys and the provocative masculine souls are radiating. From the appearance of a pure and cute boy, to the figure of a man gazing at the camera with a sensual and sexy eye while wearing a semi-smokey, the scene staffs admired the appearance of the shunu and arc of digging without flaws.

Prior to the film, Seunu’s single footage, which is more than 50,000 views, is loved and loved by fans around the world. It is pouring.

In addition to the citrus-like ‘Neroli Portofino’, which is good for sprinkling in the summertime, with a variety of facial expressions and dynamic pose, from the shunu and arc to the ‘oude wood’, a succulent wooden aroma that fits well with the stinging chemistry of two sexy men. An official of the site who made the picture shoot that it would not be enough to imagine what kind of incense it is.

Tom Ford Beauty, Monster Extension, and Arc Film are available through the August issue of ‘Elle’, ‘Elle’ official website and ‘Elle’ official SNS channel.

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