The 2019 MTV Video Music Awards will be announced on MTV’s official website on the 23rd.

Tomorrow Vie Together was nominated for Best K-Pop in the category “Cat & Dog”, which was released in March and released on her debut album “Dream of the Star: STAR.” This is the only newcomer who debuted this year.

‘Best K-POP’ is a new category this year, and the bunkbang boy band, Black Pink, Monster X, NCT 127, Exo, etc. will compete with the candidates.

‘Cat & Dog’ is a song that explains the relationship between a pet and a deacon to meet someone for 24 hours. In the music video, Tomorrow by Together emits cute boys beauty with his gestures and performances mimicking puppies and cats by using lyrics. At the same time, it exhibits dynamic and powerful performances and shows a variety of charms.

‘MTV Video Music Awards’ is a music awards ceremony held at MTV in USA. This year, ‘Video of the Year’, ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’ YEAR ‘,’ BEST COLLABORATION ‘and other 20 categories.

Tomorrow By Together has set a new record for his debut debut this year after taking his debut album ‘Dream of the Star: STAR’ to the US Billboard’s main album chart ‘Billboard 200’ 140th and ‘Social 50’ second. Two months after his debut, he successfully held the first overseas showcase ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER SHOWCASE: STAR in US’ in six US cities. Recently, Gon ‘s chart’ s first half of the 2019 album charts also won the new record and proved its power as a global super rookie.

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