On the 20th KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘My Beautifulest Daughter in the World’ 69th and 70th times, Han Tae-ju (Hong Jong Hyun) was drawn to wonder about Jeon In-Sook’s daughter.

On this day, Han Tae-gwang asked Jeon In-sook to meet her daughter, and Jeon In-suk said, “Why are you?” “I do not think I should have been like my brother to my mother’s daughter,” said Jeon In-sook, “but that’s not helping me at all. No, my daughter, please do not look for her, why are you doing this, and why are you doing this? ”

In addition, Jeon In-sook says, “I have lived longer with my mother than when I lived with her mother, and I am not a mother to her anymore, and I should never find her for her. I do not want to be connected to this house as much as the child, “he said.

In particular, Han Jong – su called Jeon In – sook ‘s younger brother, Jeon In – ho, home. Han Jong – su, a former representative, said, “What are you doing now? When was the last time you contacted me?” I finally found out that I could not get in touch with Dae – suk ‘s daughter.

In addition, Na Hae-mi persuaded Han Jong-su to find her own daughter Jeon In-sook, and said, “Would not you have taken away your ex-girlfriend to her hidden daughter? I do not. ”

However, Han Tae-gwoo met Park (director) and asked about his daughter. “If you have to know, you’ll have to hurry. I’m looking for that woman,” Park advised.

In addition, Jeon In-ho made a phone call to Kang Myeong Lee and said, “Please do not tell the Taekyung person, but please find only one person.” He is Kang Seung-yeon and he is thirty-four years old. It seems to be going really seriously, “he said.

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