‘My Little Television V2’ introduces hot items of vacation look, Lee Joo Lee, and Irene introduce the Dongmyo Fashion that can be insane at the resort. They’re excited because they’re going to complete their vintage fashions at affordable prices ‘from head to toe’.

My Little TV V2 (directed Park Jin-kyung, Kwon Sung-min, Kwon Hae-boom, “ Marietel V2 ”), which is broadcasted at 9:50 on the night of today (30th), is a cheaper model order, Lee Hyun-yi, and Irene obtained directly from the tomb. Unveil their vintage fashion.

Suzhou and Lee Hyun, Irene will be eye-catching because they are preparing vintage fashion with ‘Vacation Fashion’ honey tip 2 and taking pictures of life. At the same time, they are attracting attention and attract questions about vintage fashions that will appear later.

The first styling target of the three is known as Song Ha-young, the third daughter. Song Ha-young recommends to him and recommends them to wear, and says “I feel like I’m in a clothing store”.

Song Ha-young is distracted by the pouring vintage look. Suddenly, she is not satisfied with the three people’s storm praise, and she is said to have a trembling voice saying, “I am pretty ..?”

Following Song Ha-young, Mormote PD also became the model of three people. Mormote PD, too, did not hide the confusion while wearing the recommended clothes, but it is said that he succeeds in transforming himself into a swagger-filled image and catches the attention around him.

Suwon, Lee Hyun Lee, Irene’s vintage fashion is known as super low price, more attention to the ear. The clothes prepared by the three people are known as items that can be actually purchased for 30,000 won, and the reactions of the models have been remarkable.

The holiday begins with the second half of the ‘Vacation Special’, which is held for the luxury of people. Every week, quirky and fun content broadcasts and bi-weekly live broadcasts give viewers new honey jam bombs.

Meanwhile, Maritel V2, which is followed by quirky content broadcasts, is broadcast at 9:50 every Friday night.

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