There is a growing expectation that the ‘Maritel Live Schedule’ will be followed by the name ‘Song of the Troop Goddess’ which led the nation to the center of the trot fanatics. She appears on Kim Gu-ra’s “Gu-Live” and will make a really exciting “burning Saturday” with her Saturday night from 7 pm to 11 pm.

‘My Little TV V2’ is a fresh and interesting content broadcast every week, capturing netizens and viewers. This time, the program is going to be the first time to travel abroad, and the attention is focused on live broadcasting.

‘My Little TV V2’ (directed by Park Jin-kyung and Gwonhae Spring, hereinafter referred to as ‘Maritel V2’), which is broadcasted every Friday at 9:50 pm, is the official account of Marittel V2 of real-time broadcasting platform Twitch (mbcmlt1, mbcmlt2 , mbcmlt3, mbcmlt4). On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th, Yanoshiho & Chu Love will unveil the daily life of Hawaii, and at 7pm on Saturday 18th, “Miss Trout” winner Songgain will show fun content with Kim Gura.

The program was first broadcast on Saturday, January 18, and will be broadcast live in Hawaii, relaying to the second part on Sunday, 19th. The protagonist of overseas expedition is Yano Shiho and Chu Love. It will be held in Hawaii, the home of two people.

Yano Shiho, who captivated the hearts of viewers with the mind of Wuhan affirmation in the last broadcast, attracts attention only by being accompanied by his daughter Chu, who has created numerous aunts. The two will share real-life ‘lovely Hawaiian daily life’ with viewers and live in real-time.

It is the back door that the love of Chan’s love returns to the appearance that it grew up as a ‘little lady’. Yano Shiho and nine-year-old love this year gather anticipation of which mother and daughter Kimi will show.

It will appear on Maritel V2, the winner of ‘Miss Trout’, which poisoned the whole country with the charm of trot, and will explode trot emotion. She is expected to show “Trot Magic”, which will make her feel better at 7 pm on Saturday, 18th, as she appears in Kim Guura’s “KU Live”.

This week ‘special guest’ and ‘Marithel V2’ which will be performed in a special way, the first schedule list of live broadcast this week It catches the eye.

Maritel V2 production crew said, “This time Yano Shiho comes up with a love song. “I would like to have a relay broadcast on the 18th and 19th for two days for viewers wondering about daily life in Hawaii.” I would like to pay attention to live broadcasts at noon on the 18th and 19th, I would like to ask you for your efforts to be a top singer of the ‘Miss Trout’ who is also accompanied by ‘I raise expectations for live broadcasting.

“Maritel V2”, which gives a lot of fun through live performances of performers who are intensely involved with new content every week, is collecting donations through cooperation.

Meanwhile, ‘Maritel V2’, which is a brilliant comeback with the ‘youngest daughter of the owner of Marithel Estate’, Ahn Ji Jin, is broadcasted at 9:50 pm every Friday night.

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