In MBC’s liberal arts program, ‘Human Documentary People Are Good’, aired on the night of 24, the life of Nam Hyeon-hee after retirement of a fencing player, couple Hyo-suk Gong-hye, a 5-year-old husband, daughter Gong Hai-yang, father, mother, etc. The propaganda suspension of athletes in the year was spread.

Fencing Queen Nam Hyun-hee, who has been active as a fencing player for 26 years, has now become a representative who runs an academy to train successors.

When asked if he was frustrated with a helmet, Nam Hyun-hee said, “We are okay with it for a long time. We can see well.” In December of last year, he retired as an official fencing player.

Nam Hyun-hee overcomes the disadvantages of his small body and won 99 international medals. He retired in December of last year after a total of 26 years of fencing, and he had a normal life with his family. He and his parents, Hyo-suk Gong, and their 8-year-old daughter, Hai, have lived together with their parents.

Nam Hyun-hee’s life as a fencer was for his parents’ debt. Nam Hyun-hee has thought that the success of his athletes is the only way to help his family when his parents’ family is difficult. Nam Hyun-hee recalls his fierce past running for the movement.

Nam Hyeon-hee’s husband, Gong Hyo-seok, is currently a Korean cycle star. Gong Hyo-seok’s colleagues expressed the envy of Nam Hyun-hee and Gong Hyo-seok’s appearance, saying, “From the time of our love, the two have been frantic. It was a tremendous couple who gave each other a lot of strength and synergy.”

On this day’s broadcast, Nam Hyun-hee also delivered the controversy behind the two-year suspension of player qualification due to controversy over double eyelid surgery. “I felt like I was pushing fencing at the time. I thought I wanted to die,” he recalled.

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