The pictorial highlighting the youth energy of the group NCT DREAM (N-City Dream) has been released.

NCT DREAM captures the September issue pictorial with lifestyle magazine ‘Allure Korea’ and draws attention to the concept of the main characters in the novel such as ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Tom Sawyer’s Adventure’, and ‘The Minor’. .

In particular, NCT DREAM enhanced the completeness of the pictorial by expressing the colorful appearance of the boys who grew from the unit cut where two members of the chemistry stand out to the group cut with the refreshing charm. In addition, in the interview with the pictorial, “The fans liked the album ‘We Boom’ a lot. I think I have to work harder to give back the most, ”he said.

That’s why I have a good team atmosphere and have a good time when I work. ” The pictorials and interviews that showcase the unique appeal of NCT DREAM can be seen through ‘Allure Korea’ September issue, and various photo shoot behind-the-scenes videos will also be released on ‘Allure Korea’ SNS channel.

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