‘Absolute Boyfriend’ Bam Min A and Hong Jong Hyun’s romantic back hug scene was caught.

The SBS new drama ‘Absolute Boyfriend’ (Apollo Pictures, iHQ), which was the first to be broadcasted on the 15th, will have a hot heart with a hot pink heart and a love figure ‘Guy’ She is a romantic melody that ‘SF’, ‘SF’, ‘SF’, ‘Gonna’, who misses love, Emotional humanoids, closed minded special masters, top-stars who want to live like robots, pure youth engineers, and heiress of cold-blooded tyranny unite are united to unfold a special colored romance.

Above all, Ms. Park is a 100% purity pure analogue dada that leads a special makeup team on behalf of his father who died in a bloody broadcast scene. Hong Jonghyun is a top star of the most popular and steepest in Korea, And takes on a different acting transformation.

In connection with this, the ‘sweet secret date’ scene, in which two people are confused in the space of two, is amplifying the curiosity of the audience. In the drama, Eumdada (Bang Min-a) and Ma Wang-joon (Hong Jong-hyun) sit on the couch and lean on each other and spend time idly. While he tries to twist the ball of Ma Wang Jun and send his eyes of honey, Ma Wang Jun looks at the script as if he is familiar, and then the two share a chat with him with a back hug. Just because they are together, there is a glaring eye on what kind of relationship the two people who are promoting ‘Real Chemie’ will be.

The ‘romantic back hug two shots’ of MJ Park and Hong Jonghyun were shot in Paju City, Gyeonggi Province. Two cheerful laughers came to the scene and immediately prepared for a full rehearsal by sharing their thoughts about the filming and the future story. In particular, they analyzed the behavior of their character, exchanged their emotions, and fired their enthusiasm completely.

Moreover, when the full-scale scenes were shot, Bang Min-ah and Hong Jong-hyun worked hard to create a “two-shot” that seemed to be comfortable, beautiful, and memorable. In the smile of Hong Jong-hyun and the care of Ms. Park, the ‘secret home date scene’ was finally completed, which is sweet and curious.

The production team said, “The ‘Absolute Boyfriend’, which is only six days away from the first broadcast, is a ‘Spectacle Love Story’ that does not know where to go, with a lot of hidden secrets. I want to expect a lot of stories about the story. ”

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