It was Shinji who suffered extreme suffering from a mental shock. It is hard to tell the pain and the fans are cheering and encouraging. 

Shinji appeared in the JTBC2 entertainment program “Night of Eve”, a comprehensive program channel broadcast on the 19th, with girl group Omai Girl member Seunghee. On this day, Shinji confessed his bad comments on his appearance and anecdotes that he had suffered from the past and the future. 

Shinji said, “It is a natural result of time and gravity,” he said in a malicious comment that points out his appearance. I had to look at the malicious comments to get a filler, but I thought I was not uncomfortable when I looked in the mirror. ” 

I was honest and confident. Although he suffered from unfounded malicious comments and criticism, Shinji was trying to train himself and try to avoid being overwhelmed by malicious comments. 

Shinji also confessed to the fact that he suffered from drug use and pregnancy. I had an anorexia with mental pain. 

Shinji said, “I suffered from pyelonephritis in 2002. During the break, an article appeared. I have a hard time but my family is hurt. My brother was an elementary student at the time. ” 

Shinji said, “I was mentally shocked and anorexia came. Even if I smell food, I vomited, and I could only eat water. In a week, we lost 7kg. And when I went out on the air, I heard an article saying that I had drugs. ” Shinji sincerely sheds light on the pain of the past, which would not have been easy, and tried to erase the wounds. 

In the meantime, Shinji was saddened about the fact that the reports and false facts resulting from unfounded rumors lead to malicious comments like facts. 

In the courageous confession of Shinji, fans cheered. I comforted Shinji, who had suffered extreme psychological pain with unfounded rumors. As Shinji had a hard time in his mind, it was a reaction that he wanted to receive fans’ support and to clear up the pain of the past. It is hoped that the fans will cheer up and become more brilliant and will be constantly on stage.

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