In the 8th episode of the SBS Wolhwa drama ‘Nobody Knows’ (played on the 24th of March) (played by Kim Eun-hyang / directed Lee Jung-hum), Baek Sang-ho (Park Hun-min) went to the hideout of Jang Ki-ho (Kwon Hae-hyo).

In the past, Go Eun-ho (Ahn Ji-ho) borrowed a book from Cha Young-jin (Kim Seo-hyung) and read it, and wrote a comment on the back of the book. Cha Young-jin laughed when she saw that Eun-ho Ko wrote in the book, “It was my mother’s soul to grow my soul.”

Next, Cha Young-Jin found a book in the bag of Eun-Ho Goh, who was held by Kevin Jung (Min Sung-Wook’s body), and said, “I can’t speak. But it still helps, ”he said. Cha Young-jin and Eun-ho Go said, “If something bad happens to me, I hope I do n’t know. I remembered what she said.

Cha Young-jin, after looking at the body of Kevin Chung, said, “There is no fatal injury.” Cha Young-jin confirmed Kevin’s eight injections and estimated the death from meth and heroin. While Cha Young-jin was chasing the case of Kevin Jung, Dong-myeong Joo (min Chan-young Yoon) was threatened with accusation of assaulting Ha-min-sung (min Jae-yong Yoon). Cha Young-jin realized that Joo Dong-myeong did not hit Hammin-sung, but he had no time to help.

Lee Sun-woo (Ryu Deok-hwan) realized that Cha Young-jin believed in Joo Dong-myeong and dubbed it, and Joo Dong-myeong told Hwang In-beom (Moon Sung-geun) that Ha Min-sung suddenly self-injured himself and dried up. At that point, Hammin-sung also told her mother the truth, but she ended up lying. But when Min-Hum Hwang came, “I did,” he said.

Paik Sang-ho (Park Hun-min) approached Joo Dong-myeong to help, and talked about Eun-ho Ko’s caregiver Kim Tae-hyeong (seoyoung-ju). After meeting with Baek Sang-ho, Joo Dong-myeong went to the hospital room of Ko Eun-ho. Jeon So-yeon (Jang Young-nam) left the hospital room with Joo Dong-myeong, and while Joo Dong-myeong was away for a while, Jang Ki-ho (Kwon Hae-hyo) entered the hospital room of Go Eun-ho and found a tape recorder.

Ju Dong-myeong met Kim Tae-hyeong, opened his heart, and showed the contact information of Yoon Ji-sa, sent by Jang Ki-ho, and Kim Tae-hyeong immediately delivered the number to Baek Sang-ho. Paik Sang-ho was angry when he knew that Yoonji-ji was in contact with Gi-ho. After seeing the confession of Ham Min-sung, Lee Sun-woo went to the abandoned building where Choi Hae-hoon died, and met Lee Young-sik there. Cha Young-jin followed Lee Young-shik and saved Lee Sun-woo.

Lee Young-shik, who was caught, said that Kevin Chung, who died, tried to kill 30 million won and murder Choi Hoon-hoon and also caused Go Eun-ho to crash. I didn’t know Choi’s night blindness. In order to start again from Haminseong, Cha Youngjin delivered the robot of Haminsung, who was in Choi’s house, through a nurse, and Hamminsung headed to Choi’s house. There, Cha Young-jin and Ha Min-seong met together.

At the same time, Baek Sang-ho followed Yunjisa and found a long-term hiding place.

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