‘Mr. Period’ has revealed two kinds of ‘trampage’ teaser poster to induce curiosity. Two posters showing the appearance of Yoon Gyun-sang, who secretly opens the door of secrets with two faces of Yoon Gyun-sang, such as different people, are unveiled and intense.

OCN is a prestigious historical incursion thriller that depicts the murder case of the questioning in the top 0.1% Yoon Gyun-sang is hiding his identity and is taking interest as a slave lawyer, Kee Moo-hyuk (Kang Kang-hee), a subordinate teacher who penetrates into top-ranking teachers’

In particular, on November 11, two “teaser posters” of Mr. Seongeukje are released, raising the expectation of Yoon Gyeong-sang’s “submergence operation.” First, the first teaser poster has a copy that says “his submergence operation will begin to reveal the truth” and attracts attention with a copy of Yoon Gyeongsang’s pole and extreme faces arranged in two halves. On the left is the face of Yoon Gyeong-sang, who turned into a teacher in the class of ” He wears round glasses and puts his head down, and he is making a mild, restless smile. On the contrary, the right side of Yoon, Gyung – Sang shows a piercing eye.

The puppy is blue and adds a splashed force. This is a picture of Gimouhyeok who transformed into an innocent termless teacher of discipline and a picture of the evil snobbish attorney Gimouhyeok in a poster. The left and right faces of Yoo Gyun-sang in the poster seem to look like two completely different people. Therefore, the curiosity and expectation of the prodigal lawyer Koo Moo-hyuk (a kind of forcing) to infiltrate as a fixed-term teacher to find the truth to be created by Yoon Gyun-sang is amplified.

On the other hand, the second teaser poster, Yoon Gyong – sang, is a secretly infiltrated school. He is staring at the end of the dark corridor and intends to open the door of a secret secret. The appearance of Yoon Gyeong-sang, who is approaching the truth that he pursues, raises the tension. At the same time, he is wondering about the “secret term”, which is the truth hidden in the school where he was infiltrated.

Mr. Kwon Sang – jae said, “The process of revealing the truth of the murder case and the process of the subversion of the prosecutor, Kwon Moo – I would like to expect a lot of expectation from Mr. On the other hand, ‘Mr. Periodic’ will be broadcast first at 11 pm on July 17, following ‘Save me 2’.

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