On October 11, OCT’s original “WATCHER” (directed by An Gil-ho, directed by HAN Sang-woon, produced by Studio Dragon) was released on July 11 following the release of ‘Boys 3’ We released a character steel cut and a teaser image. The smoother image is erased and the transformation of Sogang Joon’s smoke, equipped with an intense aura, lifts the expectation vertically.

‘Watchtower’ is an internal surveillance thriller that reveals the reality of power by three men and women involved in a tragic event becoming a corruption investigation team digging the corruption of the police. A police officer holding a police officer, a special investigative officer called ‘Inspector’, draws a psychological thriller who closely follows the human face hidden behind the case. Ahn, Gil-ho and Goodwipe, who are considered to be worthy of detailed production such as ‘The Secret Forest’ and ‘Memories of the Alhambra Palace’, have been acclaimed by Han Sang-un. It expects birth. The combination of actors who guarantee maturity such as Han Seok-gyu, Seo Gang-joon, Kim Hyun-joo, Hur Sung Tae, Park Ju-hee, Ju Jin-mo, Kim Su-jin and Lee Jae-yoon make drama fans more excited.

More than anything, there is interest in the fact that Seo Gang Jun, who has shown a wide spectrum of acting in various works, is a genre challenging for the first time since his debut. In the meantime, Seo Gang – joon ‘s character teaser video and steel cuts are hot and exciting.

The previously released character teaser image is a charisma of Seo Gang-jun, which is different from the eyes, giving an intense impact. When the eyes filled with the screen fill up the level sharply, the seokgangjun seated in the bus appears. Seo Gang-jun, who looks out of the window with his earphones in the middle of the window, is just a normal figure of a normal young man Kim Young-gun. However, Seo Gang – joon ‘s eyes are sharply shining and the atmosphere is reversed, chasing the back of a strange man on the bus window. Here, the narration of “Who watches who watches” and the glare of Seo Gang-joon, which shines like a flash, cross each other and heighten tension at once.

It is also possible to get a glimpse of the deep transformation of Sogang Joon ‘s acting in the still photographs that were released together. Seo Gang – joon ‘s look on his face, wearing a police uniform and pointing a gun at someone, catches his eye. The weight of the examination room is also different. I have a slight smile on my lips, but the eyes that overwhelm my opponent are unfamiliar faces that Seo Chang-jun did not show. He is intimately informed of the extent to which he has immersed himself in Kim Young-gun. ‘Kim Young-gun’, which emits a hot fever in the cold, sharp eyes, is expected to add to the transformation of the smoke that Seogang Jun shows.

Seo Gang-joon, who challenges genres for the first time since his debut, takes on Kim Young-gun, Kim Young-gun, who was working for the patrol team, joins the anti-corruption team with Dochi-kwang (Han Seok-gyu) and Han Tae-ju (Kim Hyun-joo) Seo Gang-jun says that he carefully prepared the documentary to thoroughly digest Kim Young-gun with a complicated inner side. “Kim Young-gun is a friend who does not know where to go, it looks human and loopholes, but it has a sharp shape and it can meet various charms,” ​​he explained the character.

‘WATCHER’ ​​crew, “is a good character immersive character, will be able to confirm the charm and worthiness of the evolved Seo Gang-jun, from the deeper acting to the intense action that the Kim In- “He said.

Seo Gang-jun’s character Steele and teaser video viewers said, “This is the way to Sogang Joon! I’m already looking forward to a different acting,” “I filled up with an intense force!” It’s already fun! It’s already funny! I can not wait to see the teaser! “,” Sogangjun’s Young Army is a Deadly Character ” I got it.

On the other hand, OCN, which has been continuously expanding the work of genre with steadily displaying works of high perfection, WATCHER ‘will be broadcast first in July.

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