OCN drama Cinema others is hell ‘(a play Jung also directing Hee, production studios idols, co-production studio N, a total of 10 episodes) is a hell one Kyung Young Nancy others are made in foreign gosiwon living in Seoul Mystery to experience. Acting actor Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun-wook, Jong Hwan Park, Jang Hwan Park, Jang Hwan Park, and Lee Dong Wook are raising hopes for their first broadcast on Aug. 31.

six-character posters show the characters of the characters transformed into their own characters in the background of Eden Gosiwon. Especially, the group version of the character poster, which has six posters in one, stimulates the curiosity of the person who reminds me of the corridor of Eden Gosiwon. Yoon Jong-woo (Jung Wan-wan), who first moved into the sloppy and old Eden Gosiwon 303 for financial reasons. “This was hell. A terrible hell created by others, “and his faintly gazing at the front with an unmistakable expression.

It is the owner of this place, Soo Jung-eun (Lee Jeong-eun), who keeps the General Affairs Office that welcomes those who come to Gosiwon first. Behind the open window is a blooming lotus with a colorful floral pattern of tops and a smile on her face. “Everyone here is nice. I will ask you to come in. ” Then he opened his 302 visit halfway and stared at the corridor. Despite the neat and distant outward appearance and a smile on his mouth, he gives off an odd atmosphere that makes his arms sweep away. It is the man next door who comes to Jungwoo who is unfamiliar with the first life of his life. It is impossible to predict what the copy of “It is your turn” in the center of the poster means, but it causes some misunderstanding.

. Chang, Chang-jong (Park Jong-Hwan), sitting with her leg in 306. It’s a man who makes a nervous giggle like a copy of “Yes, I did it for a nice kikiki”, a bizarre laugh that makes people nervous. The smile on the face seems silly, but in fact, the cruel nature is hidden inside. On the other hand, there is a man, Nam-bok (double-oak), who sees the all-day masturbation in the running shirt in the running shirt increased in No. 313. Beyond open visits, faint pictures of the walls and fake site warnings that fill up the computer screen are frowned upon. “Will it kill? Would not it? Would you kill him? Do not you? “In addition, it is a reminder that the character is a character that he would never want to meet with his neighbors.

Finally, a copy called “I will make you sick” is somewhat meaningful to the dentist Preamble (Lee Dong Wook). Preamble Joe, who was introduced to operate a dental clinic near Eden Gosiwon, is the only person in the poster who is standing in front of a closed visit, wondering why. I think that the man who wears a suit that does not match with the old and shabby goshogun is wearing an unusual presence in the corridor. That’s why we are wondering about the first broadcast coming.

On the other hand, it is the second work of the dramatic cinema that combines the film and the format of the drama ‘The stranger is hell’, and the filmmakers anticipated the birth of the well-made genre through the high- . Based on the popular webtoon with cumulative hits of 800 million views, he won the best film award at the 10th Mise-en-scene short film festival and won the best film award at the 10th Mise-en-scene short film festival, The director takes the lead. In addition, Jung-ee, who received the attention by recreating the original Webtoon through “Save me 1” as a drama full of tension, writes the writer.

First broadcast on August 31 at 10:30 pm.

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