The OCN new tree original “Mr. Actors armed with passion and lament, starting with Yoon Gyeong-sang, prepare explosively synergies and prepare to accentuate the theater in the tree house.

OCN is a prestigious private school thriller that depicts the murder case of a question in the top 0.1% of the top-ranking Korean film, and the operation of a snob lawyer trying to reveal the truth. .

Over 30 actors including Lee Jun-young, Choi Yoo-hwa, Choi Kyu-jin, Han So-eun, Kim Myung-ji, Hyeong-heon and Kwon Soh-hyun participated in the first script reading session of Mr.

Yoon Gyeong-sang, who stood in the role of a gangbang lawyer “Gyu Myeong-hyuk” who stealthily hides his identity and steals into a prestigious classroom, has arrived at the scene early on and has expressed his enthusiasm by sharing opinions with the production crew. In particular, Yoon Gyeong – sang exploded the charm of the character by crossing the image of the lawyer “Gyu – myeong”, a lawyer who does not have any means to win, and the periodic teacher ” Even though I was so nervous, I was able to show off the charm of Gyu Myeong, who boasted charisma in a decisive moment.

In the meantime, Kim Saek-ro completed the perfect loading with crush teacher “Ha Seo Hyun” who loved the student. Especially, he is attracted to smiling. He expected to see the charm of “True Teacher” who believes and supports students while correcting wrong behavior without any hesitation.

Lee Joon-young of Yu-bum-jin who is called “Chun-myong” and 4th-person of the movie, Choi Kyu-jin of Ki-hoon station, Han Sang-ja of Han-tae station. In particular, Lee Jung – young showed the perfection of ‘top class’ of the. Choi Yoo-hwa, who plays Cha Hyun-jeong as a lawyer for Ice Witch Ace, unleashed a tough legal battle like a game of Yong Gyeong-sang and ping-pong.

Most of all, it was a hot show reminiscent of the actual shooting of about 30 cast members, and it brought out a feeling of immersion. The story of a secret and shocking story spreading in the background of a prodigy, and the actors’ hottie, showed the magic that it cuts the time of four hours.

So, the production team of Mr. Seongeukje said, “Four hours have passed. “The actors have already absorbed 200% of the characters so that they can breathe their breath only after the script is finished,” he said. “I will come to you as a drama with a hearty and cool catharsis this summer.”

On the other hand, the OCN new tree original [Mr period] is scheduled to be broadcast in July following the ‘Save me 2’.

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