tvN will launch a new entertainment program ‘Superhero’ at 11 pm on Sunday, June 16th. The earliest ‘earful’ (a claim based on one’s ear) In the ‘superhero’, a musical reasoning entertainer, top class musicians, who are known to be acclaimed in Korea, appear as ‘Hearer’. Without seeing the visuals, they only have to listen to the singing voice of the singers and find a real singer that matches the subject every week among the five singers.

In this process, it would be harder for the reasoning to hear the singer ‘s voices and the psychological attacks of the’ Biller ‘that interfered with the reasoning of the’ herers’ simply by listening to whether they were women or men, foreigners or Koreans. It is likely that the stage full of reversal, which is pleasantly reversing the reasoning of the viewers as well as the ‘heirer’ who finds the identity with ‘earfuls’ (claims based on his ear), will catch the eyes and ears of viewers at the same time.

Especially, ‘Superhero’ ‘Heirer’ was first confirmed by Yoon Jong Shin, Kang Ta, Jang Yoon Jung and Kwail. Those who have acted as jurors in various music programs are now in a position to be judged by their ears. Next, ‘Biller’, which interferes with the reasoning of the ‘Heirers’, is Kim Gora, Park Joon Hyung, and Emperor Seong. If they are reactions, they will make the selection of “herers” even more difficult through talk and acting that stimulate psychology.

The crew of TVN ‘Superhero’ said, “The process of discovering the identity of a singer in spite of all kinds of hindering operations depends on the ‘ears’ in the field of music, will bring joy and aversion.” He said.

On the other hand, tvN ‘superhero’ will be broadcasted at 11 o’clock on the night of June 16th.

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