Lee Yoo Jin received X grade in the level test.

Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101’, which was broadcasted on the night of the 10th, revealed the level test by the agency.

When asked why he was challenging the idol, he said, “When I saw ‘Swing Kids’, I thought that I wanted to be like Do-Kyoung Soo.” “Idol, actor, and both, I think I want to try once again, I was challenged,” he said.

Asked if he would choose one of the performances and songs, he said, “I came here to sing idol and I will be totally immersed.”

Lee Jae-jin showed his performance, saying, “I wish I could see the desire to be idol in performance.” Yu-jin, who selected Warner One’s “spring breeze,” presented dance and song that he prepared, but he still received X grade because of his lack of talent.

Lee Yoo Jin said “I am sorry” but ” I do not have one. I decided to do it once, so I will continue to challenge without giving up. ”

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