Hwang Soo-yeon reporter Jeong Jae-won and Kim Bo-rae make their first screen breath with the movie “Goodbye Summer” (Director Park Chu-young).

‘Goodbye Summer’ is a film about the hot summer days of Suemin (Kim Bo-ra), who is the most important boy of his time, but who is worried about the future. In the TVN drama ‘Asdal Chronicle’, actor Kim Bo-ra, who starred in the young gunon, and JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’, starring Kim Hye-na as a starter, has become a hot topic.

Especially, the two actors have once again breathed in TVN drama ‘Her Private Life’ after shooting ‘Goodbye Summer’. Jung Jae Won became a member of the idol White Ocean’s member Cha Sang-an, and Kim Bo-ra showed a strong sense of presence as a cute character, taking on the role of a devoted fan of Cindy in White Ocean City. In the drama, Cindy was the absolute love of Cha Xian, but at Goodbye Summer, Jeongseon was devoted to the role of Kim Bo-ra. There is also a great deal of interest in the relationship between two people who have been reunited in different roles in similar periods.

Kim said, “The first filming of her ‘private life’ was to breathe with Jeongseo Won. Actually, I followed the actor of the referee and I filmed it. There was no breathing, but I was happy to see the actor. And, in the Goodbye Summer, when I was in my teens, and the feeling that I liked the present was more bigger, I had a wonderful conversation with the audience. Jeong Jae – won said, “There was a time to shake while acting, but I became much dependent on God playing with Kim. I can not explain it, but I feel like I have an association, “he said, drawing attention to the fact that it is a valuable colleague who gives strength to each other in a difficult shooting scene.

Meanwhile, ‘Goodbye Summer’ will be released on the 25th.

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