‘Eighteen moments’ Sung woo Sung woke up to the anger he had endured forShin SeungHo.

JTBC drama ‘The Eighteen Moment’ (play Yoon Kyung-ae, director Shim Na-yeon) revealed the still cut of Choi Jun-woo (On ​​Sung Woo) who caught the neck of Ma Whhyong (Shin Seungho) .

The fierce growth period of the eighteen pre-youths who are inexperienced and inexperienced is causing hot empathy. In the past broadcast, the story about the forced transfer of mystery school student Junwoo was revealed, and the image of the whisper that tried to push him away with Junwu who came back to school was drawn. Whyalong ‘s right – handed brother, Lee Seung – min, submerged’ Il – jun ‘in Iljin with the underwater work, and the main scene (Lee Seung – il) family put the prisoner in a crisis and added tension because of Shin Jung – hoo.

Meanwhile, Jun Woo and Jihoo break up again. The two boys look at each other with their wounds in the open photos contrast. Since the forced transfer of Junwoo, I have been suffering from the main field family. Unlike the worrying eyes of Jun-woo, he is attracted by the brightly smiling smile on his face. It is worth noting what kind of new world will be unfolded in the eighteen of Jihoo and Junwoo who laugh at saying “It is hell wherever it goes”.

On the other hand, in other photographs, irritation of the whiteness that does not hide the uneasiness of the eyes is captured and stimulates curiosity. Jun-woo’s feelings, which are rarely revealed, seem to explode. The eyes of Junwoo filled with anger and the ‘breathless’ confrontation of the whiteness that does not retreat to him make the hand sweat.

In the 4th broadcast on the 30th, there is a picture of Jun-woo, Su-bin, and whitey watching two people who are closer to each other in preparation for the evaluation of English performance. The last greetings of Jihoo and Junwoo who forget everything and leave for a new place will also be added here. It is noteworthy that what changes will come to the eighteen of the violent Junwoo.

‘The Eighteen Moments’ production team said, “Since Jihoo has left, Junwoo faces all the truth and changes the storm-like emotion. “I want you to concentrate on the sharp confrontation and the emotional line of Junwoo and whisper”.

Meanwhile, the ‘Fourteen Moments’ will be broadcasted at JTBC on Tuesday, September 30 at 9:30 pm.

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