Kim Shin-young and the manager were also teeming again, and laughed.

On the afternoon of the 21st, MBC ‘point of omniscience’ revealed that Ong Sung-woo and the manager’s daily life were revealed. Ong Sung-woo’s manager said, “I’m worried that Sung-woo didn’t drink water. I’ve been contacted by my mother saying, ‘Don’t drink water, so take it.’ Confessed.

On this day, Ong Sung-woo’s music video was filmed. The manager, along with Ong Sung-woo, moved narratively, nagging anxiously. He told Ong Sung-woo, who said that his skin is dry and sprays mist, “Drink water. People should drink water,” but Ong Sung-woo didn’t drink water. Ong Seong-woo, who arrived at the scene, had a cold drink and was worried about the manager by drinking cold drinks.

Ong Sung-woo continued shooting professionally. He was passionate about running in the mountains as well as shooting underwater. The manager packed Ong Sung-woo, who was eager for his job, next to him. In particular, he said, “The voice actor is really great. ‘How does a young friend do so well?’ want.

Lastly, the manager said to Ong Sung-woo, “I was worried about whether we could do well (when we were trainees), but we are proud to fulfill that dream.” Ong Seong-woo, who saw this, was frustrated and determined to run toward the goal together.

Kim Shin-young and Yoo Jae-hwan formed the songwriting team ‘Cruise’ and started working on the song. Kim Shin-young said to her, “You close your mouth and open your wallet,” and asked Yoo Jae-hwan to put a melody. The two continued working on the song little by little. Even in this process, Kim Shin-young, like a manager and a friend, was teeming and laughed.

After recording the song, Kim Shin-young headed to the practice room to match the celebrity song choreography with Celebrity Five members. Kim Shin-young held a quiz show to distribute the clothes she had brought at home before the full-scale practice. Song Eun-yi, Shin Bong-seon, and An-mi Ahn fought fiercely to take on the clothes they wanted. Kim Shin-young’s manager was also actively involved, and he took the quiz the most to get clothes. After that, practice continued.

The next day, Kim Shin-young and the manager continued a pleasant life jokingly. The constant ‘joking joke’ provoked laughter. Kim Shin-young received makeup at the shop and digested the election video shooting schedule. On this day, Kim Shin-young also asked the manager to buy ‘the most delicious thing in the world’ as a meal, and the manager was acclaimed by Susabi and the celebrity members.

On the other hand, ‘All-in-one point of view’ is a full-fledged observation of the secret daily life unknown to the stars by reporting the unspeakable grievances of the closest managers of celebrities, and discovering the hidden charm of the star through verification and tampering with the corps of nosy corps gathered in various fields. It is a meditation entertainment program. It is broadcast every Saturday at 11:05 pm.

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