On MBC entertainment broadcasted on the 21st, the appearance of Ong Sung-woo, who is passionately filming a movie, was depicted.

On this day, manager Ong Sung-woo reported, “I started working with managers and started working with voice actors, and only voice actors. I was very worried about not drinking water while scheduling.” Ong Seong-woo, the manager, said, “My mother has texted me. ‘I don’t drink water well. I want you to take care of it from the side.’ I’ve had a sip all day.” In response, Kim Shin-young said, “It’s a real human cactus.”

Afterwards, manager Ong Sung-woo said, “I’m going to shoot the 1st album music video,” and Ong Sung-woo, who went up to the manager’s car, drank a drink as soon as he typed and laughed, “Why is there so much coffee?” The manager replied, “I didn’t know what to like, so I prepared something.”

Subsequently, Ong Sung-woo said that he should spray mist to replenish the moisture, and the manager replied that it would be better to drink water. Ong Sung-woo said, “The water doesn’t taste anything. I won’t eat well.” He said, “Mist does not spray well, but it is a music video shooting day.”

After hearing the news of the new car with the manager, Ong Sung-woo said, “I was envious of opening the car door during the practice. I also wanted to get off the automatic door.” The manager replied, “Working together from practice, it means a lot to both of us.”

Then I arrived at the movie shooting site. The movie was conducted in a mountain with a temperature of 10 degrees below zero, and Ong Sung-woo said, “Oh, it is cold.” However, I wasn’t losing my laugh when I talked to makeup artists, saying “I’m comfortable and good.” The manager has prepared a warm soup and said, “I only drink cold drinks filled with voice actors. Don’t forget to eat the soup.”

After drinking the broth, Ong Sung-woo again had cold coffee. Since the filming of the movie was on, the admirers of Ong Seong-woo admired the appearance of Ong Seong-woo by saying, “I feel so good. I can make a movie like this.” I said, “Simply speaking?”

The first underwater shooting followed, and Jeon Hyun-mu said, “I don’t drink water, so I put it in water.” As the atmosphere grew stronger, he regretted, saying, “The target flew away.” After checking the water temperature, the manager said to Ong Sung-woo, “The water is warm. The set is also good. Don’t worry.”

Subsequently, Ong Seong-woo received praise from the director for his underwater performance. However, Ong Sung-woo expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “Can we do it one more time?” The observers who watched this figure applauded, saying, “What are you doing? It’s great.”

Ong Sung-woo manager said, “Sung-woo, I’m proud that what we could do when we were trainees? It’s so good. ”

Ong Seong-woo said, “I remember what my brother said while riding. I want to see your face hang over there in Gangnam. Let ’s run toward that goal together.”

Since then, Kim Young-young and the manager’s figure were drawn. Manager Shin Shin-young said, “My sister is really good at writing. Close your mouth and open your wallet. It’s really good.” Then I went to Yoo Jae-hwan’s studio and started working on music. Kim Shin-young hummed, saying, “It’s like kicking out a nagging boss at the dinner table and opening a wallet.”

Everyone was amazed at the appearance of Yoo Jae-hwan, who was working on it in an instant, and Song Eun-yi said, “It’s soaking.” Kim Shin-young finished the last part, and Yoo Jae-hwan said
“I like it” without hearing  , and Kim Shin-young was embarrassed by saying, “You’re a machine.

Ong Sung-woo, who watched the video, said, “It looks like two people are spearing right now.” Lee Young-ja said, “It’s a song that represents the mind of an office worker. I can sing this song when I can’t speak. It seems to be a national song after the shark family.” After recording, the two visited the celebrity five choreography practice room.

The manager said, “I make a movie for the general election.” Kim Shin-young gave a
quiz with the items he brought before practice . Kim Shin-young had a problem with “Drama that I missed in high school. It’s a historical drama.” And Ahn Young-mi hit ‘Sangdo’. Then I put on two T-shirts and gave a music quiz that only listened to 2 seconds ago.

Ahn Young-mi hit the hot issue immediately, but the spelling was wrong, so Song Eun-yi got it. The manager followed the music quiz. The members of the celebrity Five were angry, saying, “The clothes don’t fit you.” The manager came out dressed. After having a good time with the quiz, Kim Shin-young and celebrity Five members completed choreography practice in line with the election song.

Later, Kim Shin-young and Celebrity Five visited KBS and recorded an election song by practicing choreography.

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